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Becoming a member is a vital way to support IMCN and your inner growth.

How does your membership support your inner growth?

Members enjoy a number of benefits, all designed to strengthen the opportunity for your meditation practice and wisdom to deepen:

  • Special rates for all retreats, workshops, and classes offered at IMCN
  • Borrowing privileges from our library
  • Opportunities for interviews (one-on-one conversations) with our Guiding Teacher to discuss your meditation practice.

How does your membership support IMCN?

IMCN is a non-profit organization and the fees we charge for our programs cover 65% of our operating budget. The remaining 35% comes from donations and memberships. Memberships are unique in that they provide us with a stability that is a foundation for our organization's ability to plan and execute our annual budget. They are 100% tax deductible gifts.

What is the cost of a membership?

Annual fee for individual membership: $260 (or $65/quarter; $130/semi-annually)

Membership can be paid in full, or in quarterly or semi-annual payments. We ask that you make a one year commitment if you pay in quarterly segments.

A special rate is available for 2 people in the same household.

To become a member online:

One Time Payment


Recurring Payments


To become a member by mail (payment by check) click here.