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What is Insight Meditation (Vipassana)?

Insight Meditation is based on an ancient Buddhist Meditation tradition that is very much relevant today, offering tools that can help us to live with more calm, clarity, and insight in our lives.

Originated in the Buddhist tradition more than 2500 years ago, it is a simple practice that steadies the mind by grounding attention in the present moment. As our awareness grows, we learn to see into our experience in a way that frees us to meet life’s challenges with openness and inner strength.

About the Center 

We offer a variety of practice opportunities including daily sittings, classes, retreats, workshops.  We also have a lending library with texts from various Buddhist traditions. The center is designed to offer opportunities for new students as well as those with a deeper ongoing commitment to practice.

Although it is a completely independent organization, IMCN was founded with the intention of being part of larger 'floating campus' in which non-residential centers like IMCN (and Cambridge Insight Meditation Center) and residential centers like the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, together can provide a full spectrum of practice opportunities depending on the needs of the student. Grounded in the presentation and reflection on classical teachings of the Buddha, these range from daily sittings, introductory classes and applications in daily life all the way to extended silent residential retreats.

Insight Meditation Center Interior