From Rt. 495 or NH (Rt 95 South):

Get on Route 95 South.  Take exit 57 (Rte.113). Turn right at end of ramp, go 1.5 miles. Take a left on Garden Street, go 0.6 miles.  Take your first Left at Middle Street, go 0.3 miles.  Turn Right (10 yards before bridge), and go up driveway at 443 Middle Street (Mailbox says "IMCN"). You cannot see the building from the road. We are at the top of the long, hilly driveway.


From Boston/North Shore (Rt 95 North):

Get on Route 95 North.  Take exit 56. Turn left at end of ramp.   Drive about 100 yards and take your first right onto Turkey Hill Road.  Drive 2 miles on this winding, narrow road.  The reservoir will be on your left for part of the drive. Immediately after the reservoir ends on your left, you will come to an intersection of four roads; you will be the only one at the intersection that does NOT have a stop sign. At this intersection, take a sharp left onto Plummer Spring Rd. Go 0.2 miles, cross a small overpass that has guardrail on both sides of the road, then turn left into the first driveway at 443 Middle Street. (Mailbox says "IMCN")  You cannot see our building from the street.  Proceed up the driveway  to the top of the hill.


From downtown Newburyport:

Get on High St. driving toward Rt. 95.  Immediately after the high school (which will be on your left), turn Left onto Toppans Rd.  At the set of lights, go straight (you are crossing over Low St);  you are now on Hale St.  At the end of Hale there is a stop sign.  In front of you the road will fork in a Y.  Stay to the Right side of the Y (it’s at about 1 o’clock).  It is marked Plummer Spring Rd.  You will soon see the Artichoke reservoir on your left, then you will drive over a little overpass with guardrail on both sides of the road.  We are the first driveway on the LEFT after this overpass.  It is a hilly, winding driveway with #443 and the letters "IMCN" on mailbox.  You cannot see the building from the road. At top of driveway there is parking lot on the left.


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