2022-06-04 09:00:00 - 2022-06-04 09:00:00 Transforming the Five Protections: Doubt
Bodi Leaf

Transforming the Five Protections: Doubt

Saturday, June 4, 2022 - 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

An On-Site Half Day Retreat

With Rebecca Bradshaw

This weekend we will continue our four month exploration of the five hindrances, five challenges that arise in our practice that block us from fully settling into life as it is.  We explore engaging with these energies with mindfulness and friendliness, allowing them to liberate themselves within spacious awareness. 

This weekend we will continue by meeting doubt and skepticism, perhaps the slipperiest of the five challenges! Skeptical doubt causes us to pull back and can paralyze our practice. We doubt our abilities, the teachings, or our own inner capacity for freedom. Doubt can even manifest as an inner critic that attempts to sabotage our efforts. We will learn to befriend and tame this energy through the five mindfulness tasks: noticing when it’s present, when it’s absent, what leads to its arising, what helps us to disentangle, and what discourages it from arising again.



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1.  The Friday evening on-site program (7-8:30pm) will feature a sitting, dharma talk, and Q & A.

2.  The Half Day Saturday On-Site Retreat only.

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Ongoing Covid precautions: In order to attend this workshop, you must be fully vaccinated.  You will have to show proof of vaccination at the door, or you may also email the Director with a copy of your proof of vaccination before the class.  For this offering, masks are required while inside the Center. If you have cold or flu-like symptoms, we ask that you do not attend any offering.  

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