Bodi Leaf

Other Offerings Overview

From time to time IMCN offers a special program that falls outside the usual list of offerings. Below are some of the offerings that we have offered and plan to offer again in the future:

Children's Program

Our Children’s Program is geared toward 3-9 year-olds. The program is framed around a basic Buddhist theme (i.e. generosity, kindness, mindfulness) and includes a few songs, a story, sitting like the Buddha, and movement-based activity. A snack is offered. Younger/older siblings are welcome to join. We plan to offer this program quarterly throughout the year.

An Evening with the Buddhist Refuges and Precepts

This evening event offers those with a meditation practice the opportunity to learn about the Buddhist 'refuges and precepts', which are known in modern language as 'guidelines for living'. During this evening we will explore the five Buddhist precepts, as well as the three refuges which support them.

Read the Precepts and Refuges

Dharma Talks

The word dharma refers to the teachings of the Buddha and is translated as 'natural truth'. A dharma talk is usually a one hour event in which students gather in the Meditation Hall to listen to a guest teacher offer a talk on a specific topic from the dharma (teachings of the Buddha). The talk lasts for 30-45 minutes, with time for Q & A at the end.