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Chas DiCapua

Visiting Teacher

Chas has been practicing mindfulness and Buddhist meditation, primarily in the Theravada school, for over 25 years including over 2 years of combined time in silent, intensive retreat. He has trained with Burmese meditation masters, western monastics of the Thai Forest tradition and senior western Vipassana teachers. In 2003 Chas was invited to be the Resident Teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA where he continues to serve in that role. Chas is a graduate of the four year Insight Meditation Society/Spirit Rock Teacher Training Program led by Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein and others. He is interested in how the basic material of our everyday lives, including relationships, can be used as a vehicle for awakening. Chas teaches retreats at IMS, at various centers and sanghas throughout the country, and offers Spiritual Counseling for individuals.

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