Bodi Leaf

Volunteer at IMCN

Volunteer help at IMCN is a powerful act of generosity. Giving back and supporting the Center out of gratitude is essential in creating and sustaining a healthy community. 

Here are some of the volunteer needs that we often have at IMCN:

  • Soup: Make a pot of soup at home and either freeze it or deliver it fresh to IMCN to be served for lunch on a weekend retreat.
  • Flower arrangements: IMCN keeps vases of fresh cut flowers in various rooms and needs someone who likes to arrange them.
  • Community Potlucks: Help to organize, or set up and clean up at our various potluck lunches and dinners throughout the year.
  • Mailings: Help get the IMCN brochure ready to be mailed (3 times per year.)
  • Retreat Manager: Responsible for the flow of a weekend retreat, including announcements, serving lunch, and closing the building at end of retreat.
  • Cleaning: Help maintain IMCN with light cleaning, either weekly or on a rotating basis. This role can be a work exchange position, earning $12 an hour for use on retreats, workshops and classes.

Please send your volunteer interest in an email to: Debra Sullivan, IMCN Director, at:

If you would like to volunteer as a Work Exchange opportunity to reduce the cost of attending a retreat or class at IMCN, please contact Debra Sullivan with your specific request.