Volunteer at IMCN


In order to keep our costs down, IMCN relies on volunteers for many jobs around the Center.

Many of our volunteers consider their volunteer time at IMCN as an act of dana--giving back graciously to the Center with gratitude.


Here are some current volunteer needs at IMCN:


  • Soup: Make a pot of soup at home and either freeze it or deliver it fresh to IMCN to be served for lunch on a weekend retreat.
  • Flower arrangements: IMCN keeps vases of fresh cut flowers in various rooms and needs someone who likes to arrange them.
  • Gardening: Either volunteer some time to help maintain the gardens, or volunteer to help organize IMCN's Fall and Spring Outdoor Clean-up days.
  • Community Potlucks: Help to organize, or set up and clean up at our various potluck lunches and dinners throughout the year.
  • Library Maintanence: Various projects arise in the library to maintain it.
  • Mailings: Help get the IMCN brochure ready to be mailed (3 times per year.)
  • Retreat Manager: Responsible for the flow of a weekend retreat, including announcements, serving lunch, and closing the building at end of retreat.


Please send your volunteer interest in an email to: Debra Sullivan, IMCN Director, at: meditate@imcnewburyport.org


If you would like to volunteer as a Work Exchange opportunity to reduce the cost of attending a retreat or class at IMCN, please contact Debra Sullivan with your specific request.

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