Bodi Leaf

Overview of Weekday Open Practice Opportunities

We offer three different types of Open Practice opportunities:

  • Drop-in Sittings
  • Open Practice Periods
  • Thursday Half-day Retreats

Drop in Sittings are offered in the simplicity of silence without instruction. At the end of the 45 minute silent sitting meditation, a bell will be rung by a practice leader to indicate the end of the meditation. These sittings are offered weekly on Monday evening, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Open Practice Periods Experienced meditators are invited to use the space for as much or little of this period as they choose. People who come to the Center will be able to practice as they see fit, sitting and walking in time periods of their own choosing. No bells will be rung. Walking meditation can be done in areas outside the meditation hall to protect the integrity of the atmosphere for sitting meditators. The library will also be available for use during these open periods for reading. People may also do yoga in the dining room area or outside if they choose to practice in this form. Total silence is kept in the building and on the grounds during this period. This is not suitable for beginners. These practice periods are offered every Monday from 10am to 1pm, and Wednesday from 9am-12pm.

Thursday Half-Day Retreats: Click here for an overview of these weekday retreats.